The Short History Lesson About Carpet Cleaning

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The Short History Lesson About Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning business dates back to the 19th century during the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Before this, the rich people could afford a woolen cloth that was placed over the rugs in order to protect them from stains. As we had spoken to the company Carpet Cleaning Chandler, they had explained to us that the initial methods of cleaning were rather physical-labor-like, as there was no machines at that time. Thanks to the company’s rich history, we managed to pull out some of the interesting information that we will present in the below paragraphs.

The initial methods of cleaning

The first method that was used for cleaning the carpets was using the pure physical force. Namely, the rug was hanged and then, you would use a wooden broom to beat the dust to extract the dust. Since the homes, in that time, were not properly ventilated, there was a huge amount of dust that was mainly collected in the rugs. Therefore, a lot of people used the mentioned method to get rid of the dust. The additional method of cleaning consisted of using the lemon juice. However, this method was particularly related to the removal of stains from grease or oil. You would place a rug on the floor, spill over the stain the lemon juice and then you would scrub the rug with the very hot loaf of bread! After the scrubbing was done, the rug was soaked into the freshwater. Then, you would leave it to dry outside

lux vacuum in use

The improvement in carpet cleaning

As time was passing, people invented new techniques that were effective for cleaning. They had invented the using a mix of water and bull’s gall since it contained the oxalic salts that, in contact with water, form oxalic acid. You would mix 3 cups of water and 1 cup of gall. The mixture was highly effective for cleaning the furniture, heavy stains made of oil or grease, but also other stains like from vine or other liquids. Later on, people found out about using the clay paste that was left on the dirty part of the carpet. Once applied, you had to leave it over night to dry and then, you would wash it using the warm water. This was one of the most effective methods of cleaning in the 18th century as this was highly effective.

The first vacuum cleaner

first vacuum cleaner

At the beginning of the 1970s, the first vacuum cleaner emerged as a patent of W. McGaffey. This was the revolutionary moment for the cleaning business, which later emerged into the separate industry, so to say. Although the cleaner was a real revolution, its main downside was that you had to move it across to the floor while cranking up the lever to turn it on. The first vacuum cleaner was something new that changed the whole concept of cleaning and it turned out that it later became a great prototype for the new cleaners that were much more modern.

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